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Beyond The Basics: Unlock Your Dog’s Behavior

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Beyond the Basics Front Cover 5x5I wrote another book!  And right now it’s on sale for a really good price ($15.50) so you may want to look at it.

I do that on occasion.  Write books. Well.  Actually, I do that a lot.  I’m up to….eight!  But this one is a bit different because it’s about dog behavior.  It is equally well suited to the engaged pet person as the competitor.

Here’s a short write-up to give you an idea of what it’s about:

You are a dedicated pet owner or trainer who is willing to put a fair amount of time and thought into the process of changing dog behavior. You want to develop a training plan that accounts for your dog’s needs as well as your own, and that moves you to desirable behavior as expeditiously as possible!

By considering your dog’s emotions, overall health, and temperament and then adding a big dose of applied training skills, you and your dog can come to a place of mutual cooperation and behavior change.  Not only will this book help you understand your dog better so that you can pick the right training plan, it will also help you evaluate your decisions after the fact to ensure that you are, indeed, making progress towards your goals.

The first part of this book focuses on “Understanding”.  Understanding what factors influence your dog’s behavior and also how to apply training skills to your situation so that you can design a training plan.  

The second part is a series of case studies, focused on the problem behaviors of excessive barking and failing to recall.  Both are frustrating to owners, and both require a good look at the overall situation before deciding how to proceed with any given dog.

The final part of this book focuses on Evaluation.  Did you reach your goals?  If not, why not?  By walking through a systematic approach to evaluating both success and failure, odds are that success will be reached more quickly.

If you happen to subscribe to the Whole Dog Journal, you can read most of the first chapter there this month.  An easy way to get a preview before buying!  Plus, you’ll learn something about emotions and how they interact with behavior.

Through the end of the year, the book will sell for $15.50 on my website:  The Dog Athlete.  That’s pretty good!  Plus a couple others are on sale, just in case you’re trying to round out your collection.

If you’re in Canada, you can get the best price at Dog Books Canada.  Otherwise, please search Amazon in your country.

I hope you enjoy this one!


About dfenzi

I'm a professional dog trainer who specializes in building relationship in dog handler teams who compete in dog sports. My personal passions are Competitive Obedience and no force (motivational) dog training. I travel throughout the world teaching seminars on topics related to Dog Obedience and Building Drives and Motivation. I own Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, a comprehensive online school for motivational training of performance sport dogs.

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  1. Great book. Thanks so much for writing it Denise. I encourage others to buy it!!!

  2. Tiffiny Chalmers

    For some reason it won’t bring up Australia to ship to? Is that correct?

  3. I have a question concerning your new book “The Emotional Lives of Dogs” – i read the first chapter in Whole Dog Journal and so much applies to my dog – can i get some ideas for working with her now? She had an attack by a much larger dog when she was 5 months old in the midst of basic obedience training. She refused to work any more and became aggressive when we returned to class. We were of course asked to leave and i’ve had her at home ever since. She is defintely agressive I and is now 165 lbs – a mastiff. I am not a novice trainer but i definitely need some serious help ASAP! some say i should re-home her and i will not do that. nor do i use a pinch collar. Will this book help me?

  4. With a new pet in our house this book will be a great help!! I’ve been reading Dobie Houson’s book Devotion and it’s given me some insight into how our pets communicate with us and it’s been amazing. Now a few good training books and I will be all set!!


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