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Molecular Redistribution

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Here on my blog I generally talk about dog training, but on Facebook, I cover a good deal more territory.

The following conversation is one of a regular series of conversations that I have with my 13-year-old dog, Raika.  Some of our conversations are funny and some are sad, but many will ring true for anyone who has the pleasure, and heartbreak, of owning a dog coming near the end of her life.

I am placing this conversation here so that others can find it again, should they want to read it in the future, quite possibly when they find themselves facing their own dog’s molecular redistribution. You can find more by searching #Raika on Facebook or simply following me there.

Molecular Redistribution:

Raika: When I go through my molecular redistribution, I am going to give Brito my quietness.

Mom: Your molecular redistribution?  

Raika: Yes, when my molecules get redistributed wherever they are needed. I will give Brito my quiet voice. He sure needs it. And I think I will give Lyra my loyalty so she can help take care of you.

Mom: Raika, I truly have no idea what you’re talking about.

Raika: Don’t you remember your molecular acquisition day?

Mom: As a matter fact, I do not. Go right ahead and explain it to me.

Raika: Well, right before I was born, I got my personality molecules. My emotions, my habits, my clever nature; little things like that.  The bits that make me, me!

Mom: You did?

Raika: Of course.  Didn’t that happen to you right before you were born?

Mom: I have no idea. I cannot remember before I was born.

Raika: That has got to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard! I’m very sorry about that. Molecular acquisition day was probably the most exciting day of my life!  As each one came, I learned a little bit more and became a bit more me.  I found out that I was going to be witty and sharp and an amazing problem solver. Plus I knew I was going to be a little bit bossy. That’s why I pushed my way to the front of the line; I figured I better show my littermates the way out. No time like the present to get started on your destiny.

Mom:  Where did your molecules come from?

Raika: From dogs that have passed on. When their body is gone then their personality molecules get distributed wherever they are needed.

Mom: So they go to puppies?

Raika:  Not necessarily. For example, if an adult dog is grumpy, and if he is working on it, then he might get a cheerful molecule to help with his grumpiness, even though he’s all grown up.  Of course, the one that happens right before birth is the big one and sets the stage, but the distribution process never truly ends, which is why we can grow and change.  In short, the redistribution keeps all of the personality traits of the world in balance.

Mom:  Raika, I can’t believe you never told me this before.  So that’s what happens after you die? You go through a molecular redistribution? And you give all of your personality molecules to wherever they are needed?

Raika: Well I can’t say I know the exact process because my time hasn’t come yet. I know how we get them, but not how we give them away.  But when the time comes, I’ll give you a few molecules for sure.  

Mom: You can give me your molecules?

Raika:  I think so.  I think you might need some small bits of me to help you with the sadness.  And I’ll request that they be lodged directly in your heart, so you’ll feel me near.

Raika: Mom are you crying? Don’t cry!

Mom:  I’m not crying.  Just a little cold is making my eyes water.

Raika:  I’m sorry to hear that.  Maybe a walk and some fresh air will do you good?

Mom:  Yes, that’s probably a good plan.  And Raika?

Raika:  Yeah?

Mom: I think you’re right.  When the time comes I’m going to need those molecules. Probably a lot of them.  So don’t forget, okay?

Raika:  I won’t forget.  

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  1. The Rev. Mary Anne Osborn

    Far and away the best piece ever about coping with a beloved four legged’s death. There is so very much out there, and nothing has ever spoken to me until this. This touches me deeply and profoundly. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Barbara C Glancy


  3. Holy smokes woman…made me cry, made me laugh. I only hope that I have a few molecules from the wonderful dogs out of my past. Katie, Rager, Jack, Olive…I hope it is so.

  4. Oh my gosh! That is the best explanation for when our pets pass . . . . . .LOVE this!!!! I am crying . . . it rings so true! Thank you so much for posting. May I share on FB?

  5. My father just passed. Wonder if this applies to humans too? Would be nice to think so….

  6. i absolutely loved,and love, this,just as I love all of your conversations w/Raika. i have always known that those that love us never really leave us.

  7. Thank you 💞

  8. Cathy Nirenberg

    OMG! I sent this on to several friends, one who recently lost a heart dog and another that was fast becoming one. The 2nd was also my young dogs father, so it hit me hard too. When I lost my heart dog, my 2nd dog, who was always afraid of her shadow, suddenly changed. She became braver. Perhaps she got some of the deceased’s brave molecules…

    Thank you for all you write and do.

  9. Hey Denise my eyes are watering. I lost my heart dog last year and just when I thought I was almost over him I read this. I used to sing him a little song when he got older when we played. “I wanna do one more time, one more time with you.” One day I never got that one more time.

  10. Very wise. This is a Buddhist belief. That the molecules of us are distributed. Cass

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. WOW! What a heartwarming, sensitive conversation! My eyes are foggy as I share it on FB.

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  13. la fray gadoury

    This blog is just….well, fabulous! Thank you!

  14. this was so helpful. I lost my beloved Nitro, the Aussie in my photo, on the 22nd. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t ready. Are we ever ready? My heart has gone into molecular redistribution, too.

  15. That was absolutely beautiful! I believe! Very well written!🐾❤️🐾

  16. Your writing makes my face smile and my heart cry at the same time.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift so freely.


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