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More Books: So Many Books. (Currently Eight to be exact)

You may not have known that I have an online store, The Dog Athlete.

While I sell a range of dog toys specifically for competition dogs, the most important thing that I began selling after August of 2013  was THE BOOK.

That I wrote with Deb Jones.

The title is:  Dog Sports Skills Book 1: Building Engagement and Relationship.

That book got us started and then..we won the 2013 Maxwell award for Behavior and Training Book of the Year!

BUT WAIT!  That was a while ago, in August 2013!

The SECOND BOOK was published in August of 2014, and is available as well!

The title of that one is: Dog Sports Skills Book 2:  Motivation.

and then…that one also won the Maxwell award for Behavior and Training for 2014.  Wow; we were so proud!

And we just kept on writing.  And so, as of July 2015, there came a THIRD book in the series.

The title of that one is:  Dog Sports Skills:  Book3:  Play!

And then The Dog Writers of America honored us for the Third Year in a row.  We won ANOTHER Maxwell award – also for Best Behavior and Training Book (2015)!

Around that time, I decided that the topic of “Distraction training” needed to be discussed in a book, especially for the pet dog market, so I went back to writing; this time by myself.  The title is:  Beyond the Back Yard:  Train Your Dog to Listen Anytime, Anywhere!  

This book (Beyond the Back Yard) will help you gain cooperation under a range of circumstances and with only about ten minutes of training time per day! You’ll be taken through a systematic and comprehensive plan to get you where you want to be: A reliable companion who cooperates off leash, away from home and….when other things are going on around you!

Since it is now clear that I cannot stop writing, I went back to my computer, and this time I wrote a book called “Blogger Dog Brito.”  This book tells the story of Brito’s life – from Brito’s point of view.  Reviews have been excellent on Amazon – check for yourself and you’ll see.  Check it out.  Even if you don’t have any kids or grandkids – go ahead and take a look!  You can see it here:  Blogger Dog, Brito!

And then…Deb and I went back to work and we wrote the fourth (and final) book in the Dog Sports Skills Series:  Book 4; Focus and Engage!  This book is a step by step, systematic plan for developing…Focus and Engagement for your competition dog.  And, like the others, we’re quite proud of this one too!

And since the writing goes on and on…the next book is called “Train the Dog in Front of You.”  Would you like to guess what this one is about?  If you guessed, “developing a training plan that is specifically tailored to the needs of the specific dog that you are working with right now” then….you would be right!

And finally, at the end of 2017, out came the latest one.  This is called Beyond the Basics; Unlock Your Dog’s Behavior.

This book is different!  it’s written to an audience that ranges from an “engaged” pet market to a dog training professional.   The topic is understanding your dog’s behavior as a response to their emotions – if you understand what causes a dog’s behavior, then you can address that root cause when a change is needed.  For example, if your dog is barking, the question one needs to ask is “why”?  If you know WHY your dog is barking, you can address that – and solve the issue.  So why do dogs bark?  I consider seven possible causes in the book; each with its own solution.  While a sophisticated book, it is written in a manner that is accessible to almost all interested audiences.

Ok.  You are now officially up to date as far as books that I have written, either on my own or with Deb Jones.  I hope you’ll find something that appeals to you!

If you order from me, I ship fast so you’ll have it in a couple of days.  Note that I have “package deals” so if you order several books you are best off ordering from me if you are in the US.  My website is:

If you’re outside the US, Amazon is the easiest option for Europe.

For Orders in Canada, please order here

For Orders in Australia, please order at Polite Paws.

and if you don’t like ordering from smaller websites, you always have the option of for all of the books.

And while you’re at the Dog Athlete website, go to the “Free Downloads” section and pick up whatever you can find!

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  1. Jeri, shipping should have been $5 for the book
    So…try again! Somehow, something went wrong:).

  2. Looking forward to this book! I’m putting together an order for multiple copies. If I order, for example, 12 books, is the price per book the same as for 10? Or do they have to be ordered in “packs” of 10, 5 or 1?

  3. I have just started reading the book and LOVING it!!! The timing is perfect as I have a new puppy. I struggled a bit with my older dog in training, knowing that I wasn’t doing something quite right, but not knowing what or how to remedy it. This book is going a long way in answering some of my questions. Many thanks to you and Deborah.

  4. Marcia in NorCal

    Very, very pleased with this. It confirms a lot of what my “gut” told me, and validates my own beliefs about my responsibilities as a teacher (not crazy about the word “trainer”). It clarifies and inspires and informs, and that’s about the most you can ask of any book! I strongly suspect that one reading won’t be enough.

  5. It is a great book. When is book #2 coming out?

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  7. Hi Denise,
    Strolling on the internet and found your webpage, the article of impulse control. I am just now working on putting together a workshop for impulse control and I would love to order your book! it is a great add in my work as instructor. Your book will provide me with that extra information concerning the relationship and trust between dog and handler, which a can apply in my work. Except I live in the Netherlands and that was not selectable in the dropdown when I was filling in the order form. Is it possible to order a book in the Netherlands?
    Thank you!

  8. Congratulation Denise on your book! If i ever get a dog, I will surely order the book. Enjoyed reading your liver cookie story as well.

  9. I tried to purchase both books online. I would use PayPal and have the items sent to a hotel in Vermont where I will be on Sunday, Aug 31 st for a week. Because I live in Canada, I cannot complete the sale. Very frustrating!!! What can I do?

  10. I’ll go through Mungo’s then. Bummer for you though. Are you not discouraging Canadians if you don’t have a “fix”?

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  12. Hi Denise-
    I just started taking classes on DF Dog Academy with my partner in crime Eli and I’ve been going through the exercises in Beyond the Backyard. I’m up to uncontrolled distractions uncontrolled dog. I need a training partner! I’m wondering if anyone out there in DF land is also looking for a training buddy. It would make bronze level courses even better and I think my team could make some great progress. I live in upstate NY just south of Albany NY. Do you have any forums to find other DF newbies?

    • FDSA has an EXTREMELY active Facebook presence – most classes have strong discussion groups and we also have a map where you can try and find other FDSA students who live near you. If you are on FB – please send your request to join to Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Alumni page. After I check that you are a registered student I will add you to that list, and from there you will have no trouble making FDSA friends!

  13. Denise Fenzi, any chance you will make Beyond the Backyard available as a Kindle edition or other online book edition?

  14. Steve Vergaerde

    Hi, is there an ebook version of your books or do you ship to Belgium ? Thank you!

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  16. Jackie Phillips

    Do you have any updates on showing Brito? Is that on his blog or someplace else?

  17. Marie Helen Hansen

    As a new dog owner and looking to connect with my Shiba and fingering out an activity we both love- which book would you recommend?


  18. Hi Denise – love your site! Do you have your books on electronic copy ?


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