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Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (on-line)

For On-Line classes (available worldwide) go to our on-line Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy was developed to provide extremely high-quality information, worldwide, regarding the most current and progressive methods of dog training for competition dogs; otherwise known as “sport” dogs.

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If you are seriously interested in furthering your dog sports education, either as a hobbyist or as a professional trainer, Fenzi Academy has a good deal to offer you.

Without leaving your home (or your job!) you can take one course at a time, concentrating on a topic for only six weeks without disrupting your life or committing to a long term program.  To see how the classes work, visit our sample classroom:

Our courses are designed to give you a path to your goals.  Instead of taking random courses that someone else thinks you need, you can select courses, based on detailed descriptions, that exactly meet your interests and goals.

Our courses are affordable.  If you’d like plenty of hand holding and video review, you’ll pay $260.  If you’d like to ask questions but don’t need video review, you’ll pay $130.  And if you’d like to get your feet wet as an observer, or if you don’t need additional help, then you’ll pay $65 at bronze.

Our classes are perfect for reactive, shy, or aggressive dogs that aren’t ready for a class setting, without the expense of ongoing private lessons.  Further, you can take classes right here to help you work through these issues!

In short, you can gain a tremendous amount of information from world class R+ trainers, regardless of where you live, what dog you are training, or when you are able to study.

Here is the schedule of classes for the on-line academy:

Or…sign up for our e-mail list to guarantee that you’ll be informed a few days before enrollment begins for classes that interest you.

We hope to see you soon!

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  1. How do I sign up for the online Heeling class?

    Thanks! Trish K in North Carolina

  2. michael bianco

    Denise I want to sign up for your online class, Is that the Auditor listing? Also do I have to watch the class at that time or do I have access to it at other times once I sign up. Mike bianco pgh pa PS do you sell books or dvds?

  3. Wow you’re having an online heeling class?! Wonderful! I need to polish up my heeling. Do you also do online open exercises and utility? I’m particularly interested in the scent articles.

  4. Janiece Harrison

    Hi Denise….Will you announce on FACEBOOK when the online heeling class is available. Don’t want to miss it!

  5. Denise, If one signs up to “observe” the on line Precision Heeling class, do they get to see the videos and your responses to the working teams?

  6. Denise, how do I sign up for on line heeling class? I really enjoy watching you work your dogs.

    Thank you, Pam from Iowa

  7. Hi Denise,
    Raising children has put me behind on training. I have a 9 month old Aussie and a 2 year old mini Poodle. I really want to get these kids going in agility and obedience and feel very behind the learning curve on all the awesome training methods I see on your website. Would you please recommend the best online class for me to start with? Thank you

  8. I did look at the link you suggested. I want to sign up for the next round of classes offered starting October 1st. I see that not all classes are offered every time. Is there a class beginning October 1st that you would recommend? I really want to be competitive and both of the dogs I have really have great drive. I want to do this right. I feel like I lost 10 years of training experience raising kids. I do love the kids though. You know what I mean, I’m sure.
    Thank you

  9. I would like information about your K9 fitness certification program.

    Thank you,


  10. Under the calendar for seminars, Oct 31 & Nov 1 of 2015 lists a Florida 2 day Seminar.
    I cannot display the detials for this seminar and location.
    Where can I find more detials for this Seminar?

  11. This post tells us the importance of sports education for pet dogs. Training and dog sports is a very good technique to build a healthy relationship between the dog and the handler. It will give them different skills such as obedience, socialization, stress management and many more. Also it will build confidence in them.

  12. Heather Bannister

    Would I be able to take NW120 without your prerequisite NW101 since my dog has already passed UKC novice containers and interiors and is now prepping for exteriors and vehicles?

  13. Hi Denise,
    Can you help advise which course will be most appropriate for me and my 3yo GSD.
    We have since early this year started to prepare for obedience trialling (Australia). Have entered a few (4-5) at CCD level but struggled to get across the ring entry and to the start peg.
    His focus on me is very very good, until a trial. And outside the ring he works quite beautifully.
    I’m thinking the Bogeyman course should be the starting point? Followed next by Engagement?
    Can you please advise. Would be keen to get started asap.
    Thank you.


    • If your issues are only in the ring, then Bogeyman is not quite right – that course is for dogs that struggle with the entire dog show environment. For your situation, I’m going to recommend Engagement with me for the December session and in February, take Confidence Building for the Obedience and Rally ring with Laura Waudby. If you need a bit more help, send me a private note through Facebook or to my email, and we can consider further. Good luck!

  14. I’d like to sign up for an online course, but I’m 16, and I have my parents approval. Is there anything that can be done? (The registration period ends today, as I’m sure you’re aware, and the class isn’t offered in the next session.)

  15. What is the difference between gold, silver and bronze please?

  16. I am having ongoing problems with the Academy website. I can load this page I’m on now and all other websites, but the academy website times out almost consistently, so I’m not able to even access the site do any work on the classes I’m taking and also wanting to work on in my library. This has been occuring since about August. This is the only website I’m having issues with. Any suggestions?


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